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04.09.07 23:12

Well, it has been a while since i've updated with a journal entry ... and all i have to say is this - behold my finest creative achievement. His name is Zev Alperstein-Doty. He will be 5 months old this April 14th:



01.31.06 00:07

ooh, an early entry ... it's only midnight. I like this journal thing, but i confess, it slips away from me most times. Trust me, lots has been going on since last i wrote. Like - some great shows. New Years eve (and the eve of new years eve) at the Great American with Pyeng Threadgill. Whoa, whatta night. Was a blast to play, and awesome to see lots of old friends what with Kimock's crew, as well as David Jacobs-Strain. (lots of jamming backstage, lemme tell ya)

Just a couple of nights ago, playing at El Rio with my pals Jackie Stano opening the show, and the awesome rawk band Coal Pitts Wash closing it. I'm gonna have to go do the audience thing and go see them at the Starry Plough on friday....

And coming up, I'm honored to open up the show for my dear friend Rachel Efron's CD release party. I'll be playing with my pal Justin Katz on Contrabass, kinda a special acoustic thang for us...

Oh yeah, and I did a photo shoot for Girlfriends Magazine ... should be in the April Music issue. keep yer eyes out fer it - it appears that i clean up remarkably well!

Anywho, I did move houses - months ago i guess, but there are still an awful lot of boxes, yo! Off i go to unpack something. Wish me luck.


oh yeah, and i made myself a myspace page ... fun stuff! i put up a couple of tunes that I did at home on my computer... lemme know what you think of em (if you can get them to play ... myspace tends to get a little buggy with ~50 million ppl banging on it. Patience is my word of advice). Add me to your friends!

10.7.05 02:59


okay, up late tonight, packing up the old house, and getting ready to move to the new one. It has been a long time since i've sat here and typed into this void, and I'm hoping to get that together -- i like ruminating with no boundaries -- back later! Oh, btw, i finally put up a link to my latest mention in the East Bay Express - check it out!


7.6.05 21:55

Ah man!!! I am so excited! Off on a road trip ... Does the body (mind and soul) good. I'm taking off to OR tomorrow to play a few shows, see some good friends and basically get a recharge. I've got so much to do before i get out of town tomorrow, but i just wanted to say ... Whoopee! I'll try to check back later when i'm a little more (or possibly less) coherent.


4.19.05 01:02

Hey all. Things have been crazy busy lately ... but my biggest news has to be my brand new Driver's License. My very first. one. ever. Wow. I like it! My dog likes it (more trips to the *good* parks, not just the one down the street). My girlfriend likes it: she doesn't have to drive me home from gigs anymore ... well usually. Other then that - Lessee, had a great gig at the Plush Room with Pyeng last month. She got an awesome write up in the Pink Section of the Sunday Chronicle on March 27th. Check it out here. See ya at the Red Devil next week! Right?


3.7.05 07:16

well, here we are kicking off March, and i'm sort of feeling like February went by in a blur ... I've been spending a bunch of time helping to get the music together for the 6th Annual In Song and Struggle International Women's Day Celebration. - I'll be playing music with some awesome songwriters (and great friends) in Berkeley -- it is always so inspiring when music merges with community! Other news? I dunno. I got a mandolin last week ... i'm pretty excited about that -(we'll see how it sounds ... next time you see me, ask me if i can play "Fly Me To The Moon" yet!)

08:59 2.10.05

Howdy - i spent some time last night tweaking things a little in preparation of my official website announcement to my full email list ... So *welcome* if this is your first visit to the New There is still a whole lot more content to add, and i look forward to picking at it as the weeks go by. Make sure to drop me a line if you find any rough spots, or have a suggestion.

03:16 1.31.05

well -- the weekend is over now, but it was a good one. The show at the Starry Plough on saturday was all kinds of fun. It was a double bill with CarneyBall Johnson, and whew! those guys are great! The crowd was amazing, a whole lot of folks showed up, and i have to say that usually in a club like this there is pretty significant attendant chatter that goes on - but saturday night the audience was *so* tuned in, that in between songs it was unnecessary for me to use my mic to talk to them. It took me a few songs to get used to the fact that such a large bar crowd was so attentive, (no secrets on stage that night!) but once i got used to it, Mark, Jeff and I had a blast! I'm thrilled to say that Ralph Carney came up and jammed with us on Baritone Saxophone, and i got to sit in with CarneyBall Johnson later on in the night. My only disappointment was that i failed to take my miniDisc recorder out of pause for the SDX set, so unfortunately no clips for y'all -- i'll get that together for next time, i promise! Here's a little treat tho for those of you checking out the journal: This is an excerpt of a live version of our newest song (i think it's called Tower ... recorded a few months ago at the Last Day Saloon with Mark Abbott on Drums and Jeff Obee on Bass), but it's all i've got for ya tonight!


07:26 1.28.05

Okay! *Now* i am excited!! Having a brand new Website is kinda like moving into a new apartment - without the backache. Although perhaps i speak too soon - I stayed up all night last night getting this carnival ride going, and this garden variety Office Depot chair ain't all that comfortable after 9 hours of sitting innit. But, there is an article about me that is running in today's San Francisco Chronicle, (East Bay Life) (whoo hoo!) and i reckoned that it would be a good idea to unveil the Website in conjunction with the article just in case it inspires any newbies to come poking around. However, due to my advanced punchiness, i believe i will sign back on later after a bowl of cereal and a bit of rest. I hope y'all like the new site - be sure to drop me a line and give me a virtual earful about it. And just in case you are wondering, the entry below was pretty much a test entry for Eric Scheur - the man to whom i am indebted for designing this new site. Thanks again Eric - you have sucessfully roused me from my grand inertia.



22:35 1.16.05

Greetings all!
Thanks for sticking with me - it is finally time to unveil the new website ...
I know it's been a long time coming, but, I for one am darn excited to get it launched. (thanks Eric!) This space is gonna be a spot for me to do a little musing from time to time - thanks for checking it out. i know, i know, not much to see yet, but I'm sure I'll be waxing poetic--like any day now.